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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.7.4
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (1):
      udebug: Fix endianness when fudging lastYesHost

Chris Orsi (1):
      Windows: Mount Point and Symlink Overlay Icons

Jeffrey Altman (55):
      Windows: Use Jenkins' Hash
      Windows: cm_GetSCache do not release unheld lock
      Windows: RDR_InvalidateObject do not hold locks
      Windows: _._AFS_IOCTL_._ size is zero
      Windows: add trace logging to Pioctl File Info Query
      Windows: convert daemons threads to pthreads
      Windows: osi_mutex / osi_rwlock changes
      Windows: cache format version change
      Windows: Wix cell names can be greater than 120 chars
      Windows: FSync not CleanVnode during Cleanup
      Windows: Wix disable integrated logon by default
      Windows: refactor NPCancelConnection
      Windows: no drive subst for NPCancelConnection
      Windows: NPGetConnectionCommon buffer too small
      Windows: NPEnumResources no Printer support
      Windows: AFSRDFSProvider log to file
      Windows: do not set CM_SCACHEFLAG_EACCES twice
      Windows: invalidate rdr for CM_SCACHE_VERSION_BAD
      Windows: convert buf_IncrSyncer to pthreads
      Windows: buf_CleanAsync is not async; rename it
      Windows: fix buf_Recycle() comment
      Windows: buf_GetNewLocked should use cleaned cm_buf
      Windows: use interlocked increment on cm_buf_t refcnt
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus use new DV to purge buffers
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus redirector invalidation
      Windows: memset in RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync
      Windows: GetInfoTip really set return to NULL
      Windows: npdll connected query returns no usage
      rx: rx_conn/rx_peer refCount signed
      Windows: track cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: apply Nat Pings only to cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: define MIN and MAX
      windows: 1.7.3 change log
      Windows: Release Notes Updates
      Windows: version 1.7.3 (1.7.0300)
      Windows: increase timeout for extent request retries
      Windows: Suspend/Resume for afsd_service
      Windows: memory leak when setting tokens via smb
      Windows: AFSRDFSProvider stack overrun
      Windows: Update Adv Firewall Rules
      Windows: propagate directory enumeration failures
      Windows: Properly convert FID structures
      Windows: move to head of queue no-op if not in queue
      Windows: log volume and authgroup for redir open
      Windows: return error to system paging requests
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo log message
      Windows: fix indentation
      Windows: forget data version only for flushing
      Windows: notify file size change if flushed
      Windows: Tear down extents upon file deletion
      Windows: save fid/type for redirector invalidation
      Windows: terminate HOSTS/LMHOSTS with newline
      Windows: avoid deadlock during SetRenameInformation
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.7.4
      Windows: version 1.7.4

Michael Meffie (1):
      auth: avoid excessive stat of cellservdb

Peter Scott (3):
      Windows: include owner/group in Security DACL
      Windows Problem with cross-directory rename
      Windows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block

Simon Wilkinson (11):
      opr: Add Bob Jenkins's hash functions
      Unix CM: Build rbtrees in kernel
      rx: Use a red black tree for the event stack
      rx: Refactor MaxMTU error checking
      Windows: Use roken's min and max
      rx: Some kernels have no reschedule function
      rx: Make struct rx_connection private
      rx: Make the rx_call structure private
      rx: Hide the rx_packet.h
      rx: Helper function for decrementing conn refcnt
      rx: Make CALL_RELE and CALL_HOLD lock refcnt mutex


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