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Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:12:28 -0400

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 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Thu Jun 10 09:09:46 2021 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.8pre1


Andrew Deason (59):
      LINUX: Properly revert creds in osi_UFSTruncate
      vlserver: Correctly pad nvlentry for "O" RPCs
      vlserver: Return error when growing beyond 2 GiB
      tests: Introduce afstest_GetProgname
      tests: Wait for server start in auth/superuser-t
      asetkey: Add new 'delete' command variants
      vos: Print "done" in non-verbose 'vos remsite'
      volser: Don't NUL-pad failed pread()s in dumps
      Move afs_pthread_setname_self to opr
      WINNT: Make opr_threadname_set a no-op
      ubik: Avoid unlinking garbage during recovery
      afs: Drop GLOCK for RXAFS_GetCapabilities
      ubik: Remove unused sampleName
      rx: Introduce rxi_NetSend
      rx: Avoid osi_NetSend during rx shutdown
      rx: Use _IsLast to check for last call in queue
      afs: Change VerifyVCache2 calls to VerifyVCache
      afs: Avoid needless W-locks for afs_FindVCache
      afs: Bound afs_DoBulkStat dir scan
      afs: Split out bulkstat conditions into a function
      afs: Log warning when we detect too many vcaches
      afs: Skip bulkstat if stat cache looks full
      LINUX: Close cacheFp if no ->readpage in fastpath
      vlserver: Warn when we cannot unhash deleted entry
      vlserver: Add VL_DBBAD error code
      vlserver: Return VL_DBBAD on unhash failure
      afs: Log pid with disk cache read errors
      bozo: Properly detect presence of -auditlog
      LINUX: Return errors in our d_revalidate
      Remove DUX/OSF code
      auth: Close fd on SetExtendedCellInfo write error
      Remove dead code
      WINNT: Restore missing '#ifdef PC'
      aklog: Make dummy write AIX-specific
      rx: Save errno in pthread rxi_Sendmsg
      rx: For AFS_RXERRQ_ENV, retry sendmsg on error
      rx: Introduce ack_is_valid
      rx: Avoid lastReceiveTime update for invalid ACKs
      rx: Avoid new server calls for big-seq DATA pkts
      LINUX: Fix includes for fatal_signal_pending test
      afs: Fix XBSD check for VNOVAL va_uid
      libafs: Create $(DESTDIR)$(KMODDIR) on FBSD inst
      FBSD: Give 0 'rootrefs' to vflush on unmount
      FBSD: Remove unnecessary explicit osi_fbsd_alloc
      FBSD: Set KERNBUILDDIR for --with-bsd-kernel-build
      FBSD: Use ucontext for FreeBSD 10+ on amd64
      libafs: Create debug KMODDIR for FBSD debug inst
      FBSD: Remove pre-8 code
      FBSD: Declare vnops/vfsops static
      FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 11.3
      FBSD: Remove unused 'wantparent' logic
      FBSD: Remove MA_* abstractions
      tests: Skip SIGBUS test on FreeBSD
      LINUX: Introduce afs_d_path
      afs: Indent ifdef maze in afs_server.c
      rx: Indent ifdef maze in rx_kcommon.c
      afs: Add AFS_USPC_SHUTDOWN bkg request
      afs: Actually free resources during warm shutdown
      afscp: Link against opr/roken/hcrypto

Benjamin Kaduk (2):
      Remove overflow check from update_nextCid
      Merge branch 'openafs-stable-1_8_7-branch' into openafs-stable-1_8_7

Cheyenne Wills (22):
      Avoid duplicate definitions of globals
      vol: Fix format-truncation warning with gcc-10.1
      LINUX: Include linux/time.h for linux/errqueue.h
      LINUX 5.8: Replace kernel_setsockopt with new funcs
      LINUX 5.8: do not set name field in backing_dev_info
      LINUX 5.8: use lru_cache_add
      afs: Avoid panics on failed return from afs_CFileOpen
      afs: Avoid using logical OR when setting f_fsid
      afs: Set AFS_VFSFSID to a numerical value
      butc: fix int to float conversion warning
      tests: Use usleep instead of nanosleep
      INSTALL: document the minimum Linux kernel level
      bozo: Use libcmd for command line options
      vos: Cleanup indentation whitespace
      vos: Remove dead code
      vos: Cleanup function definitions
      Linux: Refactor test for 32bit compat
      Linux 5.11: Test 32bit compat with in_compat_syscall
      Linux: Create wrapper for setattr_prepare
      Linux 5.12: Add user_namespace param to inode ops
      bozo: Fix the test for bosserver '-cores none'

Jan Iven (1):
      ptserver: Remove duplicate ubik_SetLock in listSuperGroups

Jeffrey Altman (2):
      rx: rx_InitHost do not overwrite RAND_bytes rx_nextCid
      rx: update_nextCid overflow handling is broken

Jeffrey Hutzelman (1):
      Linux: use override_creds when available

Kailas Zadbuke (2):
      util: Handle serverLogMutex lock across forks
      salvaged: Fix "-parallel all<number>" parsing

Marcio Barbosa (8):
      vos: take RO volume offline during convertROtoRW
      Revert "vos: take RO volume offline during convertROtoRW"
      volser: Close dirp on error in ConvertROtoRW
      volser: take RO volume offline during convertROtoRW
      bos: suppress unnecessary warn if -noauth
      macos: add support for MacOS 11.0
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 11.0
      macos: delegate sock_* calls to bkg daemons

Mark Vitale (21):
      uss: more gcc9 truncation warning appeasement
      rxstats: correctly distinguish client and server stats
      rxstats: correctly report vlserver VL_* RPC stats
      stats: incorrect clock square algorithm
      afs: prevent double release of global lock afs_xvcb
      bozo: defer audit open until log dir is created and current
      vos: avoid 'half-locked' volume after interrupted 'vos rename'
      rx: Avoid new server calls for non-DATA packets
      rx: fix out-of-range value for RX_CONN_NAT_PING
      rx: prevent leakage of non-cached rx_connections (pthread)
      vol: prevent salvage segfault for orphaned vnode with out-of-range parent
      afs: consolidate duplicated wait-for-cache-drain code
      vol: make vol-bless buildable again
      vol: add vol-bless to .gitignore
      vol: always build vol-bless utility
      afs: afsd -shutdown sets afs_cold_shutdown too soon
      afs: remove duplicate declaration for afs_shutdown()
      afsd: remove unused variable afs_shutdown
      vol: move ih_PkgDefaultsSet check inside ih_PkgDefaults
      vol: ensure ih package defaults are set for salvage
      afs: free the Buffers array correctly during shutdown

Michael Meffie (14):
      tests: do not resolve addresses in vos/vl test
      afsmonitor: remove unused LWP_WaitProcess
      ubik: remove unnecessary lseeks in uphys_open
      ubik: positional io for db reads and writes
      redhat: Add make to the dkms-openafs pre-requirements
      vos: avoid CreateVolume when restoring over an existing volume
      build: remove unused LINUX_PKGREL from
      bozo: Add KeyFileExt and rxkad.keytab to access rights check
      bozo: Log each dir and file with bad access rights
      vlserver: fix missing read-only entries from ListAttributesN2
      vsprocs: Remove dead code
      vldb_check: Check for volume lock inconsistencies
      afs: more cache truncation stats
      SOLARIS: provide cache manager stats via kstat

Stephan Wiesand (3):
      Add param.h files and sysnames for FreeBSD 11.2
      Update NEWS for 1.8.8pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.8pre1

Tim Creech (6):
      FBSD: Remove LOCKPARENT/ISLASTCN lookup logic
      FBSD: Build vnode_if.h before libafs objs
      FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 12.1
      FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 12.2

Yadavendra Yadav (11):
      LINUX: Initialize CellLRU during osi_Init
      rxkad: Use krb5_enctype_keysize in tkt_DecodeTicket5
      afs: Avoid NatPing event on all connection
      LINUX: Copy session keys to parent in SetToken
      LINUX: Always crref after _settok_setParentPag
      aklog: free kbr5_creds before returning from rxkad_get_token
      aklog: Free client/server princs in get_credv5
      aklog: Use HAVE_ENCODE_KRB5_ENC_TKT_PART for aklog impersonate
      aklog: retry getting tokens for KRB5_KT_NOTFOUND error
      aklog: use any enctype in get_credv5
      aklog: avoid infinite lifetime tokens by default


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