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 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Thu Sep 22 09:05:37 2022 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.9pre1


Andrew Deason (16):
      afs: Handle osi_NewVnode failures
      fs: Avoid unnecessary cell DNS lookups
      rx: Remove delays in multi_End_Ignore
      dir: Explicitly 'make all' in src/dir/test
      FBSD: Avoid recursive osi_VM_StoreAllSegments lock
      FBSD: Use GENERIC kernel headers by default
      Add autoconf-archive to src/external
      Use autoconf-archive m4 from src/external
      vos: Properly print volume transaction flags
      afs: Move osi_GetTime out of param.h
      afs: Always define our own osi_timeval32_t
      Remove AFS_PARISC_LINUX24_ENV references
      afs: Remove redundant AFS_LINUX_ENV test
      LINUX: Honor --enable-checking for libafs
      afs: Introduce afs_IsDCacheFresh
      dir: Set srcdir correctly in src/dir/test

Autoconf Archive Maintainers (1):
      Import of code from autoconf-archive

Cheyenne Wills (32):
      afs: Clean up afs_init.c indentation
      afs: Clean up VNOPS/afs_vnops_attrs.c indentation
      afs: Cleanup afsincludes.h indentation
      autoconf: Remove/update obsolete autoconf macros
      Add more 'fall through' switch comments
      clang-10: use AFS_FALLTHROUGH for case fallthrough
      Change AFS*_LINUXnn_ENV to AFS*_LINUX_ENV
      Cleanup AFS_*LINUX_ENV usage
      clang-10: ignore fallthrough warning in generated code
      clang-13: remove unused variables flagged by clang
      Linux-5.17: kernel func complete_and_exit renamed
      LINUX: Don't panic on some file open errors
      cf: Use common macro to test compiler flags
      Linux-5.17: Kernel build uses -Wcast-function-type
      cf: Use -Werror when checking for -Wno-* flags
      autoconf: fix detection for fallthrough attribute
      vol: Use asprintf in _namei_examine_special
      afsd: Avoid fscanf overflows when paring cacheinfo
      Linux-5.18 replace set_page_dirty with dirty_folio
      afs: introduce afs_alloc_ncr/afs_free_ncr
      afs: introduce get_dcache_readahead
      afs: Avoid always-false NULL test on AFSTOV(avc)
      lwp: Ignore dangling-pointer warning in process.c
      opr: replace AFS_STRINGIZE with opr_stringize
      Prevent sscanf format widths from overrunning array
      Linux-5.18: replace readpages with readahead
      Linux: Introduce file mapping readpage helpers
      Linux-5.19: Rename aops readpage to read_folio
      Linux-5.19: Remove flags from aops->write_begin
      linux: Call put_page if errors in aops->readpages
      LINUX: Use bitwise & for f_flags test
      afs: Clean up compiler warning casting ptr to int

Jan Iven (1):
      systemd: do not load the 'openafs' module on boot

Mans Nilsson (1):
      Add sysname, files and header entries for FreeBSD 12.3

Mark Vitale (7):
      rx: remove rx_atomic bitops
      DARWIN: remove vestigial etap_event_t typedefs
      afs: clarify cold and warm shutdown logic
      dir: make dtest buildable again
      UKERNEL: remove dead code osi_SetTime
      Convert all osi_timeval_t to osi_timeval32_t
      UKERNEL: remove redundant declaration of osi_GetTime

Michael Meffie (16):
      warn when starting without keys
      build: declare test targets as phony
      tests: Accommodate c-tap-harness 4.7
      autoconf: import gcc function attribute check macro
      autoconf: check for format __attribute__ to avoid warnings
      autoconf: attribute type checks
      ubik: do not reuse the offset variable for the sync site address
      klog.krb5 -lifetime is not implemented
      ubik: Fix ubeacon_updateUbikNetworkAddress() mismatched array parameter warning
      ptserver: Fix CreateEntry() mismatched array parameter warning
      pts: Fix stringop-overflow warnings
      Fix PrintInode() mismatched array parameter warnings
      bucoord: Fix doDispatch() array-parameter gcc warning
      libadmin: Fix isAlias may be uninitialized warning
      ptserver: Fix CreateEntry() stringop-overflow warnings
      Change klog.krb5 -lifetime option help description

Pat Riehecky (1): Add missing double include guard

Russ Allbery (1):
      Import of code from c-tap-harness

Stephan Wiesand (2):
      Update NEWS for 1.8.9pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.9pre1


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