[reiserfs-list] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] more on the 2.2.18pre17 SMPcpu hog/etc.

Harald Barth haba@pdc.kth.se
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 01:01:47 +0100

warlord> This implies that it has to walk the directory at the beginning, so
warlord> it doesn't matter how long it takes to walk it.

It matters to me. Init 300Mb cache on Sun1000E (Sol7): Enough time for
a trip to Burger King to get a banana milkshake and back:

Nov 30 21:27:59 shake.stacken.kth.se unix: Starting AFS cache scan...
Nov 30 21:56:07 shake.stacken.kth.se unix: found 0 non-empty cache files (0%).

Would have liked to use -memcache (1Gb of mem) but the kernel panics
right away with a cachesize od 250Mb and hangs later if I use a cache
size of 150Mb.

haba> When using -memcache, the whole cache is one big chunk
haba> of data, too.

jhutz> Not true. 

Wasn't reading afs/afs_memcache.c:afs_InitMemCache() right. However
the (memCache+index)->data could point into any zeroed memory area
(mmap?) of right size.

jhutz> The AFS kernel code _never_ creates inodes.

Apparently wishful thinking from my side.