[OpenAFS-devel] Building openafs for old glibc 2.0.x?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
11 Dec 2000 12:20:18 -0500

I'm fairly sure that OpenAFS will still build on RH 5.2, except i
don't know if there is support in there for Linux 2.0.  Feel free to
try using my 6.2 SPEC-file with OpenAFS 1.0.1.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you convince your 5.2 users to upgrade to
software which is less than two-years out-of-date.


"Neulinger, Nathan R." <nneul@umr.edu> writes:

> Transarc discontinued support for Redhat 5.2 and the old glibc based
> distributions. Unfortunately, we've still got a few machines running that.
> Do you know if there was any technical reason that the old glibc had to be
> abandoned or was it simply a case of 'building for the current stuff'.
> Alternatively, is it possible to build the linux afs tools and afsd staticly
> linked?
> -- Nathan
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