[OpenAFS-devel] 1.3.71 on AIX 5.2 with VAC 6.0

Harald Barth haba@pdc.kth.se
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 19:01:48 +0200 (MEST)

Thanks again Horst for helping me with the AIX stuff. It mostly works
;-) When dumping big volumes (I've seen this on volume sizes bigger
that 4GB but less than our max quota of 5GB) with vos, I get a core
with the following traceback (sorry, did not get any debugging symbols
into the binary yet):

#0  0x1002895c in rxi_NewCall ()
#1  0x10028948 in rxi_NewCall ()
#2  0x10029b00 in rx_NewCall ()
#3  0x1005a924 in AFSVolEndTrans ()
#4  0x10053478 in UV_DumpVolume ()
#5  0x10008a14 in DumpVolume ()
#6  0x10011480 in cmd_Dispatch ()
#7  0x10002c08 in main ()
#8  0x100001dc in __start ()

In additions the transaction is left unfinished.

I see that there are some updates in CVS since Horst's snapshot - do
you think that there is a diff that would help me with the problem
above? The servers is on version 1.3.71.