[OpenAFS-devel] OpenAFS + LInux 2.6 + PAGs

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:24:59 -0400

On Monday, October 18, 2004 10:06:42 -0400 Jason McCormick 
<jasonmc@cert.org> wrote:

> Hello all.  I'm attempting to compile a Kernel and OpenAFS package that
> will fully support PAGs on Linux 2.6 (Fedora 2).  From my understanding of
> the situation, recompiling the kernel to export sys_call_table is what's
> necessary on the kernel side to support PAGs.  Based on some reading I've
> done in openafs-devel the only thing that I think I need to add to the
> kernel compile to accomplish this is patching
> arch/i386/kernel/i386_ksyms.c to include:
> 	extern void *sys_call_table[];
> 	EXPORT_SYMBOL(sys_call_table);

Yes, that should be sufficient.

> Simply doing this causes autoconf (in OpenAFS) to report that it cannot
> find the sys_call_table:

That's because with a 2.6 kernel, there is no mechanism available to 
determine whether a given symbol is exported, so we don't even try -- 
instead, we simply assume that the answer is no.

The simplest answer for you right now is to manually modify the configure 
script to assume yes instead of no, and get on with life.  There is already 
work in progress to resolve this issue, but it likely won't hit CVS for a 
few more days.

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