[OpenAFS-devel] AFS-NSS-Module?

TOBx@gmx.de TOBx@gmx.de
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:52:43 +0200 (MEST)

Hi *,

does anyone know a nss-module for AFS or something like that?

I've a couple of AFS-machines in one cell and want to be able to log on to
the system using the AFS-accounts.
This works fine with the pam_afs module as long as the afs-user exists in my
local /etc/passwd.

What I'm searching for is something with the functionality of an nss-module,
that creates (maybe on a 

template-basis) the missing information for the login-process on the fly.

What AFS can deliver (through pam_afs):			Username:Passwort

What is missing (in comparision to the
/etc/passwd):	uid:gid:gecos:home_dir:shell

The missing information may either be exported from afs by asking the
ptserver (e.g. the uid) or by
generating them.
The home-dir can be generated from a configuratable prefix (e.g.
/afs/CELLNAME/home/) and the afs-username.
The gecos is not really important.
And the shell can also be set by in template (e.g. /bin/sh).

The reason is that I want to be able to add a user to the afs on one host
and then log on at any of the hosts
without syncing anything and without an additional user-list like LDAP.

By now I haven't found something like this. So for the case that you don't
know such a thing, too I'm playing with 
the idea to write a nss_afs-module. Would anyone of you be able to help me
with it (Reviewing code and so on...) ?


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