[OpenAFS] Problem during implementing AFS

Jatin Nansi linuxguru@india.com
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 02:42:50 -0500 (EST)


i have been trying to implement the Open AFS file server on a
RedHat Linux 7.0 kernel version 2.2.16-22 on a PIII, with 256 MB RAM as a
trial machine.

i have downloaded the rpms from the openafs site for the same.

i am using the procedure as described in the QkBegin guide
that is there in the ibm documentation tarball.

the problem is as follows:

Altough the kernel module complains, it does load properly.
the bosserver also starts properly, on the command:

#bosserver -noauth &
the 'bos setcellname ' command also works fine, and i am also able to add
the pc to the cell. bos listhosts confirms this also.

the next step as per the guide should be for starting the database server:

the command: bos create node1 kaserver simple \
/usr/afs/bin/kaserver -cell timesgroup.com -noauth

this creates the following entry in /usr/afs/local/BosConfig:
restarttime 11 0 4 0 0
checkbintime 3 0 5 0 0
bnode simple kaserver 1
parm /usr/afs/bin/kaserver

however there is no kaserver process running when checked with
ps xa

similarly, the commands for buserver, ptserver, and vlserver do make entries
into BosConfig, but no processes start.

then i tried killall bosserver, which killed the boserver process.
when i start it again with bosserver -noauth&, i get the following error:

/usr/afs/bin/buserver: problems with host name Ubik init failed
........... repeated several times over for all other servers also.

the contents of files in /usr/afs/logs:

/usr/afs/bin/kaserver: problems with host name Ubik init failed
ll database.
Using level crypt for Ubik connections.
ubik: primary address does not exist

u: problem with host name
Ubik init failed

Server directory access is okay
BNODE 'kaserver' repeatedly failed to start, perhaps missing executable.
........similarly for all others

Please tell me where am i going wrong in this, as i am following the ibm
guide to the letter.

thank you



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