[OpenAFS] Problem during implementing AFS

Kelsang Wangden wngdn@src.uchicago.edu
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 08:59:30 -0600

Hi Jatin,

Creating new cells is not my forte, since I have only had to do it
once, but I do have one tip.

> i have been trying to implement the Open AFS file server on a
> RedHat Linux 7.0 kernel version 2.2.16-22 on a PIII, with 256 MB RAM as a
> trial machine.


> i am using the procedure as described in the QkBegin guide
> that is there in the ibm documentation tarball.
> the problem is as follows:
> Altough the kernel module complains, it does load properly.
> the bosserver also starts properly, on the command:
> #bosserver -noauth &
> the 'bos setcellname ' command also works fine, and i am also able to add
> the pc to the cell. bos listhosts confirms this also.
> the next step as per the guide should be for starting the database server:
> the command: bos create node1 kaserver simple \
> /usr/afs/bin/kaserver -cell timesgroup.com -noauth


> however there is no kaserver process running when checked with
> ps xa
> similarly, the commands for buserver, ptserver, and vlserver do make entries
> into BosConfig, but no processes start.

The canonical way of checking for these processes is 'bos status
servername'.  If you're in the middle of your setup process you may
need to add a '-noauth' flag.  I wouldn't be surprised if by some
wierdness they didn't get allocated as separate processes right away.


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