[OpenAFS] RE: OpenAFS

Derrick J Brashear shadow@dementia.org
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 14:50:08 -0500

--On 11/01/2000 02:42:09 PM -0500 Greg Rhoades <gar@arrakisplanet.com> 

>>>> Derrick J Brashear writes:
>   DJB> bsd vfsck works just fine on solaris machines; I use it on mine
>   DJB> that are running "Transarc AFS". The only problem is exit
>   DJB> statuses don't necessarily match what the rc scripts expect. I
>   DJB> assume a near-term patch will address that, but 35 production
>   DJB> fileservers in the andrew.cmu.edu cell all run the bsd vfsck
>   DJB> and are all solaris machines.
>   DJB> (the bsd vfsck is provided; only the modified vendor fscks are
>   DJB> not)
> thanks for the info.  have you tried to build the solaris 5.6 version
> of the software?  did you have any trouble with the kernel modules
> (specifically the absence the file called afs_nfsdisp.c)?

Thus far I have not, but given that the AFS-NFS translator is "known" to be 
not included, I assume if it doesn't build changes will need to be made to 
accomodate that.