[OpenAFS] RE: OpenAFS

Greg Rhoades gar@arrakisplanet.com (Greg Rhoades)
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 14:42:09 -0500 (EST)

>>> Derrick J Brashear writes:

  DJB> bsd vfsck works just fine on solaris machines; I use it on mine
  DJB> that are running "Transarc AFS". The only problem is exit
  DJB> statuses don't necessarily match what the rc scripts expect. I
  DJB> assume a near-term patch will address that, but 35 production
  DJB> fileservers in the andrew.cmu.edu cell all run the bsd vfsck
  DJB> and are all solaris machines.

  DJB> (the bsd vfsck is provided; only the modified vendor fscks are
  DJB> not)

thanks for the info.  have you tried to build the solaris 5.6 version
of the software?  did you have any trouble with the kernel modules
(specifically the absence the file called afs_nfsdisp.c)?



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