[OpenAFS] openafs and win2k? wrt transarc release

Nathan Neulinger nneul@umr.edu
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 16:20:10 -0600

Interesting... probably just minor bugs at this point. 

For reference, on the commercial one, the only registry keys that I saw
it install were in software/transarccorp/afs client/current version/3.6,
or 'afs server'. Although we haven't looked around much. 

As for the share names, I wasn't aware of 'all', but the other ones
should be configured in C:\WINNT\afsdsbmt.ini. There is also a
toolbar/systray thing that should allow you to configure mounts, klog,
etc. There are a couple other files like that as well. Once you have a
mount configured in that file, you should be able to attached
\\hostname-afs\submountname to a drive without any user/password, and it
will attach it.

Which files didn't copy for you on linux? I haven't had any trouble.

-- Nathan

Michael Nelson wrote:
> I've gotten OpenAFS to build on Win2K -- and just like on Linux (for me at
> least), certain files weren't copied into the right places, and the
> Makefiles needed some minor tweaks.  I've narrowed down roughly why
> OpenAFS isn't working, but I haven't figured out how to fix it (yet).
> Rather than write an NT file system driver, Transarc implemented a mini
> SMB (Microsoft's file sharing protocol) implementation that runs locally.
> Their SMB server registers itself as if it were another fileserver on a
> fictitious machine called "<machine-name>-afs". It acts as a gateway to
> AFS and also provides a way for the various tools (e.g. fs) to send
> ioctl's to the AFS cache manager.  All of this is done via the NetBIOS
> system (yuck).
> From another computer I can actually do a "dir \\<machine-afs>\all" (all
> is a special internal share used for AFS IOCTL's) and get an error message
> that no connections are allowed (by default AFS doesn't allow remote
> machines to connect to an AFS cache manager's SMB server). But, I can't
> connect to it locally (using dir).
> I've fiddled with LANA IDs (in NetBIOS, you send/receive datagrams on a
> specific LAN adapter), scoured the Microsoft Knowledge Base, but haven't
> come up with anything interesting. I've been thinking about installing
> Win2k SP1, but I'm having modem problems today.
> Because I don't have the commercial version of AFS or the InstallShield
> kit, I had to (painstakingly) figure out which registry settings and files
> had to be created. The cache manager does make contact with my cell when
> starting, and klog does work, so I am pretty confident that I have
> configure the (minimal) settings.
> -mike
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