[OpenAFS] Directory layout for new cells

Sam Hartman hartmans@mit.edu
15 Nov 2000 18:04:41 -0500

>>>>> "Kelsang" == Kelsang Wangden <wngdn@src.uchicago.edu> writes:

    Kelsang> To answer the question about layouts ...  We built a new
    Kelsang> cell from scratch last December because our old cell had
    Kelsang> gotten quite crufty, and we were moving to new servers
    Kelsang> for Y2K anyway.  I asked for some feedback on
    Kelsang> info-afs@transarc.org and got some really good responses
    Kelsang> - you might want to look in the archive for those.

    Kelsang> Anyway, here's the layout we settled on in
    Kelsang> /afs/src.uchicago.edu:

    Kelsang> admin/ administrative files arch/ sun4x_57/ one directory

How common is the arch designation at top-level?  MIT uses system for
that at the top-level and arch within package-specific "lockers."

If arch is very common, then I'll probably create arch as the
directory with system as a symlink.