[OpenAFS] Extremely slow startup of afs.

Madhusudan Singh chhabra@eecs.umich.edu
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 12:19:44 -0400 (EDT)

	Actually, I got this list from a UM webpage. I will now try to
delete one or more of them and relate it to the change (if any) in the afs
startup time.
	One question : is it possible to comment out lines in CellServDB
file or do I have to actually delete them ?



On 17 Aug 2001, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Madhusudan Singh <chhabra@eecs.umich.edu> writes:
> > AFS is not timing out. I can access my files on afs perfectly.
> >
> > One (possibly) related observation :
> >
> > The top few lines in my /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB are :
> >
> > >engin.umich.edu        #University of Michigan CAEN Network
> >                    #artes.engin.umich.edu
> >                    #scientia.engin.umich.edu
> >                    #veritas.engin.umich.edu
> >
> > While I was setting up, I had (mistakenly) placed another server (not a
> > database server, but a time sharing host) above these three. And when I
> > booted the machine next, I got a long wait and an error message that made
> > reference to that host. Is it possible that it is being asked to do the
> > same thing thrice (I do not understand much of the way openafs works) ?
> Yes.  If your list of servers is incorrect, your client will time
> out with the bad servers until it finds the good ones.  This means
> that if you do not have the "right" server listing for your own
> cell that it will take much longer to startup.
> So, yes, this "extra" server would be causing you problems.
> -derek