[OpenAFS] RH 7.2 RPM does not contain new CellServDB?

Graham Freeman graham@calteg.org
01 Dec 2001 18:44:55 -0800


First, I appreciate Derrick having created an RPM for RedHat 7.2.  This
will certainly make it easier for me to convince my organization's less
technically inclined volunteers to play with OpenAFS.

I haven't checked the other distributions for this lately, but at least
the RedHat 7.2 RPM does not contain the same copy of the CellServDB that
grand.central.org has.  For example, one of my employers (UC Santa Cruz)
is not listed in the CellServDB contained in the RH 7.2 RPM.

Is this intentional, or just an oversight?  It's certainly not a
difficult thing for me to just grab the copy from grand.central.org or
edit my own, but I thought I'd ask.



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