[OpenAFS] Summary.net and AFS hang

Blake Atkins Blake.Atkins@ScholarOne.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 09:29:27 -0500


I'm attempting to use Summary.Net software that is located in AFS filespace. 
Summary.Net is web log analysis software. The weblogs are in AFS as well. It 
seems to analyze the logs ok, then it proceeds to update its database file 
(the file that keeps all the information it has analyzed). After it starts to 
do this, the program hangs. One of the AFS client daemons (afsd) begins to 
use up ~20% of the processor. This will continue until I reboot the machine. 
Also, some of the directories under /afs become unavailable; every time the 
one that Summary.Net is in hangs when trying to 'cd' to it. Several times 
while analyzing the logs a 'byte range lock ignored' message appears in the 
messages log. Any ideas?

Thanks much!