[OpenAFS] Summary.net and AFS hang

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
13 Dec 2001 10:23:03 -0500

Sounds like an application deadlock due to afs' lack of byte-range
locking.  At least, that would seem to be my first guess.  I don't
know what would cause afsd to hang and spin like that.

So you have the source code?


Blake Atkins <Blake.Atkins@ScholarOne.com> writes:

> All,
> I'm attempting to use Summary.Net software that is located in AFS filespace. 
> Summary.Net is web log analysis software. The weblogs are in AFS as well. It 
> seems to analyze the logs ok, then it proceeds to update its database file 
> (the file that keeps all the information it has analyzed). After it starts to 
> do this, the program hangs. One of the AFS client daemons (afsd) begins to 
> use up ~20% of the processor. This will continue until I reboot the machine. 
> Also, some of the directories under /afs become unavailable; every time the 
> one that Summary.Net is in hangs when trying to 'cd' to it. Several times 
> while analyzing the logs a 'byte range lock ignored' message appears in the 
> messages log. Any ideas?
> Thanks much!
> --Blake
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