[OpenAFS] UDPATE: URGENT: Woody upgrade breaks openAFS

Sam Hartman hartmans@mekinok.com
13 Dec 2001 21:45:28 -0500

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Perrin <andrew_perrin@unc.edu> writes:

    Andrew> Thanks to Todd Lewis I've made a little progress in
    Andrew> figuring out what's going on with openafs under debian
    Andrew> woody.  The new information involves the error message:

    Andrew> Can't mount AFS on /afs (22)

    Andrew> which is what openafs-client returns on startup.  Any
    Andrew> ideas what this might mean? We've verified that ThisCell
    Andrew> and CellServDB seem correct, but klog sill returns:

Can I get you to make sure that you actually built a new kernel
module?  In particular, make sure you unpack the new module into an
empty directory before building.

I have not seen this problem before.  It seems to be some sort of afs
module problem.