[OpenAFS] Cache Problem

Jeff Baldwin jeff_baldwin@unc.edu
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:04:50 -0500

Derek --

Thanks for the quick reply... I don't have a /etc/sysconfig/afs...  I do 
have /etc/sysconfig/openafs, which is a shell script.  As I look at 
it... it reads like this (posted below)... though I feel this will not 
be of much help.  Thanks for the help!

#! /bin/sh
# Copyright 2000, International Business Machines Corporation and others.
# All Rights Reserved.
# This software has been released under the terms of the IBM Public
# License.  For details, see the LICENSE file in the top-level source
# directory or online at http://www.openafs.org/dl/license10.html

# Configuration information for AFS client

# AFS_CLIENT and AFS_SERVER determine if we should start the client and or
# the bosserver. Possible values are on and off.

# AFS client configuration options:
XXLARGE="-stat 4000 -dcache 4000 -daemons 6 -volumes 256 -chunksize 19 
-files 50000"
XLARGE="-stat 3600 -dcache 3600 -daemons 5 -volumes 196 -files 50000"
LARGE="-stat 2800 -dcache 2400 -daemons 5 -volumes 128 -files 50000"
MEDIUM="-stat 2000 -dcache 800 -daemons 3 -volumes 70"
SMALL="-stat 300 -dcache 100 -daemons 2 -volumes 50"

# cachesize and according options are set by /afs/rc.d/init.d/afs
#   * if you set CACHESIZE to "AUTOMATIC", it will automatically be chosen
#     deduced by parition sizes (does not work if your cache is on / or 
#   * if you set OPTIONS to "AUTOMATIC", the init script will choose a set
#     of options based on the cache size
# otherwise the values specified here will be used. So be careful!
# Note: if you leave these as-is, no changes are made.

# you should never need to change these settings
if [ -f /etc/redhat-release ]; then
	RHVersion=$(sed 's/\(Red Hat Linux \)\?release \([^ ]*\) (.*)/\2/' 
	if [ "$RHVersion" != "6.2" ]; then

# Set to "-verbose" for a lot of debugging information from afsd. Only
# useful for debugging as it prints _a lot_ of information.

# Sample server preferences function. Set server preferences using this.
# afs_serverprefs() {
#    /usr/afsws/etc/fs setserverprefs <host> <rank>

# Either the name of an executable script or a set of commands go here.
# AFS_POST_INIT=afs_serverprefs

Derek Atkins wrote:

> Sounds like you changed the default /etc/sysconfig/afs settings
> for the cache directory.  Check in there.
> -derek
> Jeff Baldwin <jeff_baldwin@unc.edu> writes:
>>Ok... trying to get OpenAFS client to run on my RedHat 7.2 (Kernel 
>>2.4.9-13 (stock Redhat)).  When I try to start OpenAFS I get the error below
>>[root@mill95 SOURCES]# /etc/init.d/afs start
>>Found libafs-2.4.9-13-i686.o from SymTable... Loading...
>>Starting AFS services.....
>>df: `/.afscache': No such file or directory
>>afsd: WARNING: cache probably too small!
>>afsd: malloc() failed for cache file inode table with -25 entries.
>>This where it gets weird...
>>I stop the AFS Service...
>>I edit /usr/vice/etc/cacheinfo to read
>>(save changes and edit)
>>I then start the AFS service again.... again getting the error I posted 
>>I notice the line in the error...
>>df: `/.afscache': No such file or directory
>>Even after I changed the cache dir /usr/vice/cache
>>When I look at 'cacheinfo' again, its been overwritten to read as it did 
>>Any ideas?
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