[OpenAFS] setting up test servers

Burcin Erocal burcin@math.bilgi.edu.tr
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 01:51:06 +0200

Is there any way of setting up a cells first server when it's not plugged 
into the right place in the network? (not having a proper ip etc.)

I need to set up the servers when they're connected to an internal network, 
and then carry them over to the datacenter when they are ready. So I thought 
I'd try setting up afs with the temporary internal ip, then try to change 
things. But the database servers started complaining..

Is the IP written to any of the databases in any form? (I guess that would 
ruin things for me :) )

Is there any other problem with setting the machine up with a different IP?

Could you suggest any other method?