[OpenAFS] How much is ready?

David J. M. Karlsen david@davidkarlsen.com
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 16:13:05 +0100

Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, David J. M. Karlsen wrote:
>> Cees de Groot wrote:
>>>> I'm not familiar enough with Coda to know what you're asking.
>>> RVM is the persistence system that Coda uses for metadata. The 
>>> disadvantage of
>>> the system is that the size of the metadata is severely limited 
>>> because it is
>>> mapped into virtual memory - therefore, Coda doesn't (yet) support 
>>> very large
>>> filesystems like AFS does (it is the main reason that I didn't look 
>>> further
>>> into Coda).
> If, by "very large", you mean "..supports files > 2GB" be advised that 
> AFS does not.

This was Cees de Groot's answer - and we were reffering to volumesizes - 
which can be larger than the 8GB size in arla and others.
Does anybody know the maximum limit in the latest OpenAFS release?

I had a look in the roadmap - and the 2GB limit for files is supposed to 
disappear some time in future - has the work begun? are there any 
"big/new" releases scheduled for near future?

An other thing i wonder - is it possible to authenticate against LDAP 
instead of kerberos? (or is this planned?)