[OpenAFS] guidelines for max volume sizes

Kelsang Wangden wngdn@src.uchicago.edu
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:41:42 -0600

Hi all,

We have a client who is doing a lot of survey-based research combined
with GIS (on Thailand, FWIW), and he just bought a 36 Gig disk for us
to put on one of our AFS servers in order to hold all the data the
project will be generating.

I read in the (Transarc) AFS 3.6 release notes that the maximum volume
size for 3.5 (what are servers are running right now) is 2 Gig, and in
3.6 it's 8 Gig.  Are there any other guidelines that I should give
them regarding volume size?

Keep in mind a lot of GIS and survey data gets big fast.  We've never
faced a situation like this before, because most of our large volumes
are big software packages which we sysadmins take care of invisibly.

I don't know how much of an issue easy 'vos move's are, because at
least at the administrative level the idea is to put all of their data
on the one disk and keep backups (no replication).  Not the most
robust implimentation, but that's the way it is.  Whether we stick to
the letter of that at the technical level is another issue.

Thanks in advance,

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