[OpenAFS] win2k and @sys expansion

seph seph@commerceflow.com
09 Jul 2001 14:50:55 -0700

I discovered (the hard way) that @sys expansion under windows is sort
of limited. If I've aliased a drive letter, I can access stuff using
x:\foo\@sys fine, however I'm unable to expand @sys in a UNC name.

for example:
dir \\%computername%-afs\all\cell\system\                works
dir \\%computername%-afs\all\cell\system\@sys            does not work
\\%computername%-afs\all\cell\system\@sys\bin\login.bat  does not work

net use x: \\%computername%-afs\all\cell\system          works
dir x:\@sys                                              works

any chance on getting @sys expansion into the UNC names? I'd like to
use it for a varity of scripts, and would rather use @sys than a fixed