[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.0.4a & Win2000 clients

Shyh-Wei Luan luan@almaden.ibm.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 10:26:00 -0700

The problem is being worked on.  The current thinking is that, during the
installation, the user will be prompted to select one of the options for a
valid CellServDB file.

(1) provide a file path, or browse to it
(2) provide an http address
(3) use the one available at
(4) use a static copy of the grand.central.org at the time of the binary

The installation process of a new version of the client will keep the
existing CellServDB (WINNT\afsdcell.ini).

The installation process will also ask the user to enter/select a home cell
and configure the drive letter mapping.  The idea is that, after the
installation, no further configuration will be needed.   The user just need
to do authentication.

Comments on the above proposed changes are welcome.

The misleading error message should be fixed too.


ps.  I'd really like to see cells and clients start to use the DNS-based
cell lookup solution.   Requiring the static CellServDB file to be
up-to-date on each client machine is not very nice.

Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU>@openafs.org on 07/11/2001 05:33:59 AM

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Is there any reason you didn't package up a 'working' cellservdb
file, or give the installer instructions on how to build a new one
based on user input?


"Shyh-Wei Luan" <luan@almaden.ibm.com> writes:

> Do you have a correct  Cell DB file (default=.\WINNT\afsdcell.ini).   If
> not, I suggest you copy the /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB file from your Linux
> client machine to replace the \WINNT\afsdcell.ini file.  The error
> you were getting may be misleading.  We are looking into these problems.
> For everyone who is trying to use the Windows 2000 or Windows 9x client,
> make sure you have the right CellServDB (Windows 9x) or afsdcell.ini
> (Windows 2000) file in place.  Read the Windows 9x readme file and the
> info available with the Windows 2000 client (under Advanced - Configure
> client - AFS cells) for this info.
> Shyh-Wei Luan
> Lauri Jutila <lauri.jutila@mginetechnologies.com>@openafs.org on
> 08:21:24 AM
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> Subject:  [OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.0.4a & Win2000 clients
> Hello,
> I installed OpenAFS 1.0.4a on RedHat 7.1 box, running 2.4.2 kernel. The
> installation went fine, other Linux boxes are able to log in and use AFS
> filespace. Microsoft world is little more troublematic; Win9x clients are
> able to log in, but Win2k clients are not.
> Client installation to Win2k works fine, thanks to new installer. After
> configuring the service, I tried to obtain tokens, and the client
> The AFS client was unable to obtain tokens as <user> to cell <cellname>.
> Error: 62 (the password was incorrect)
> Indeed the entered password was correct. I tried to log with different
> users, no luck. Client config locates servers and everything seems to be
> in place, but authentication never works.
> Any pointers on this and Windows 2000 installation notes/issues
> altogether?
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> Lauri Jutila
> <lauri.jutila@mginetechnologies.com>
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