[OpenAFS] Drive Z not accessable

James Peterson jimpeter@us.ibm.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:01:34 -0700

Its usually bad policy to grab Dll's and plunk them into Windows (although
mfc42.dll is fine).
Please use this link to update your Win98 dll's.

Win9x client has been tested with most versions of Windows including Win95;
so I don't think your problems are related to the "correct version" of

P.S.  Windows 2000 usually requires proper installation of Dll's to operate

You will get the "Drive not accessible" if you try to mount a drive that
has an incorrect mapping.

Please send me the try the following:
   From the Win9x AFS Control Panel - Connect
   From the DOS windows can you type: tokens >tokens.txt (send me
   Send me afsdsbmd.ini, afsdsbmt.ini & ThisCell (Drive mapping
   instructions, share names, AFS cell name)
   Please confirm that the name in ThisCell has an entry in CellSrvDB.

Send them as attached files not listed in the email.  I want to verify

However; I would assume that the name in ThisCell has a matching entry in
CellSrvDB;  otherwise, you couldn't authenticate.

James Peterson
"Integrity is the base of excellence."
Patience, we will get through this!