[OpenAFS] (Newbie) How to Install OpenAFS1.1.1a on Win2k?

Holger Scherer schererh@web.de
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:57:12 +0100


i'm new to OpenAFS and just want to have a look on it. As i currently =
have only a W2k Machine available, i downloaded the current release for =
NT/2000 from openafs.org and tried to install this. But when i try to =
configure the server, i get an error message saying "The version of the =
AFS Client on this computer is not compatible with the AFS Server. The =
AFS Server requires at least version 3.5 of the AFS Client."

When peeking in the file "afs_server_config_log.txt", i read:
"The version of the AFS Client on this machine (1.1) is too old to run =
the server.  The Client must be at least version 3.5."

So how do i get the beast running?