[OpenAFS] MacOS 9

Brent A Johnson brent.johnson@jpl.nasa.gov
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 23:33:21 -0800


Cameron, Frank wrote:

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>2>  Samba gateway and Dave
>    a)  I have some experience setting samba gateways up.
>    b)  Can the Mac obtain tokens w/o using clear-text passwords?
Haven't done anything special on the Macs to make them work in this 
environment but my guess is that they would need to send passwds in 
cleartext, it's what we have to do for Windows smb clients.  Tokens are 
obtained, ACLs honored like you'd expect.  Although after one's token 
expires (say, after 25 hours) on the samba server, I've seen the Mac 
client freeze(the whole machine; reboot required).  To avoid this, we do 
a once-a-day disconnect (kill -TERM on user smbd process on the samba 
machine), checking to see if pid is currently active first (snoop on ip 
address of smb client).  The Dave client automatically reconnects 
itself.  User is none the wiser.

>    c)  With the Macs going through samba, will we have
>        problems opening the files from Windows boxes?
Can't say that I've experienced any definite problems.

>    e)  Would OS X clients (native), as they are brought on
>        to replace old boxes, have problems sharing the files
>        with older Macs or Windows machines?
Don't think this would be a problem.  Dave/Samba is effectively just a 
front-end to the AFS client [on the samba box]; it's (the AFS client) is 
the one reading and writing to AFS space (which is the common element 
between native OS X AFS clients and Windows AFS clients).

Another cool thing about samba is that MacOS X comes with an smb client 
that you talk to AFS with (although you could of course use the native 
AFS client for OS X--but it's an alternative).


>Thanks for any guidance anyone can provide.
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