[OpenAFS] AFSDCell.ini

Cameron, Frank Cameron@ctc.com
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:55:00 -0500

We've recently undergone some internal changes that required
changing database server names and addresses.  Along the way
I noticed that even if the correct address is specified in the
file, if the name cannot be resolved by the client the client
fails to operate (can't find root cell / unknown realm).  So I
decided to try an experiment.

I setup a new AFSDCell.ini file as:

>CELLNAME                   # My Cell                     #afsdb1.MY.DOMAIN                     #afsdb2.MY.DOMAIN                     #afsdb3.MY.DOMAIN

where the three afsdb#.MY.DOMAIN all resolve to the correct
addresses in DNS.  After stopping and restarting the service,
the client works.

Is this expected behavior that can be relied on across client
versions or just a temporary fluke?

My test machine is running version 3.6_2.14 of the Transarc