[OpenAFS] Build problem

Derrick J Brashear shadow@dementia.org
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 12:19:16 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Michael Robokoff wrote:

> I am running the following command so I can get AFS working with my new
> kernel and It keeps failing as listed.

> RPM build errors:
>     File not found: /var/tmp/openafs-root/usr/bin/aklog
>     File not found: /var/tmp/openafs-root/usr/sbin/asetkey
> Anyone have an idea why this might be failing here?

Do you have the krb5-devel RPM installed? (having it is good) 

Do you have any other Kerberos installed? (having it is bad)

I have Heimdal in /usr/local on my machine and had to move it's include
files out of the way to build the RPMs but after that it worked.