[OpenAFS] Moving AFS server processes

Derek Atkins openafs" <openafs-info@openafs.org
13 Feb 2002 16:36:20 -0500

"Michael Aldrich" <maldrich@reserveamerica.com> writes:

> > Did you move your data volumes to the Linux box?
> > Did you start all the database services on the Linux box?
> How does one do this? I thought the bosserver processes replicated these...

Nope.  You still need to manually "bos create" all your server
processes, and you still need to "vos move" all your data volumes.
Did you do this?

> > In what way can you not "get AFS to start on any of the three
> > machines"?  Keep in mind that servers and clients are orthogonal.
> > Concentrate on moving your (single) server before you worry about your
> > clients.
> When I try and access /afs, I get 'Permission denied'.

Do you have tokens?  Did afsd start and mount /afs normally?
What does "vos exam root.afs" give you?

> > Keep in mind that if you had multiple DB servers you wouldn't have
> > such a problem...  You are shooting yourself by having only a single
> > AFS server.
> This is a test environment. I am planning this same move in a production
> environment.(Using two AFS servers)



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