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Knape, Dean Dean.M.Knape@NJIT.EDU
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I was trying to find if there were command line tools for mapping AFS
directories to drive letters.  I am running OpenAFS on a Windows 2000
laptop, and therfore sometimes it is not attached to the network.  I
already have the AFS service set to load in a batch file (my AFS name is
not the same as my Windows name, so integrated login would fail).  In
Windows usually you can do a "net use U: \\server\share", but the one that
showed up when I was offline (\\<machinename>-AFS\home) doesn't work.  I

>To map a drive to an afs location via the command line:
>	- first, create a submount in "Control Panel" -> "AFS Client
Configuration" -> 
>		"Drive Letters" -> "Advanced"
>	- next, go to a cmd prmpt and "net use X:
>		/pers:yes|no"
> This step adds the submount definition to %systemroot%\afsdsbmt.ini

would also like to keep from having the "AFS Credentials" launcher in the
StartUp folder, as that fails *every* time (since I cannot do integrated
login).  I couldn't find anything in a web search or skimming through the

>	- "Control Canel" -> "AFS Client Configuration" -> "General"
		clear check box "Show the AFS client icon in the taskbar"

BTW: a suggestion on the maillist archves;  is there a way to make them
searchable across *all* months at once?  It's too awkward to have to open
each month seperately and then do a search on each one.

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