[OpenAFS] Unable to establish quorum after adding second database server

Customer Care Direct tschak808@mac.com
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 18:17:54 -0500

I am currently doing an AFS test-bed with two Solaris 8 boxes comprising 
the main file servers, sparc2 and sparc1 respectively...

sparc2 is the SCM

sparc2 is able to push updates to sparc1 correctly, there are no 
problems there, because the cellservdb updates correctly...

I have set up both servers according to the Transarc (OpenAFS) Quick 
Beginnings manuals, both configured verbatim to the manuals...


when I try to do ANYTHING that even touches the VLDB, (fs mkmount, vos 
addsite, vos syncvldb, etc..) I get the following error message:

u: no quorum elected

(along with the other messages saying that the operation failed)

so, I decided to look in the AFS logs

FileLog showed me something interesting:

--DATE/TIME STAMP--  VL_RegisterAddrs rpc failed: will retry 
periodically (code=5376, err=0)

It tries roughly every three minutes... same error message

after running translate_et to get the errorcode, I get:

5376 (u).0 = no quorum elected


I know I am missing something VERY VERY VERY SMALL, but am unsure what I 
did wrong because I followed the transarc instructions verbatim...

Any Ideas?

-Thom Cherryhomes
OpenMINDS Research