[OpenAFS] A few questions

Klaas Hagemann kerberos@northsailor.de
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 13:13:31 +0200


i am getting more and more komfortable using AFS. But there are still a few
questions remaining.

1. I am running MIT Kerberos V as authentication service and it works well
with openafs and aklog. Do i really need the krb524d deamon?
2. Do i really have to add all kerberos-users with pts createuser? the
problem is not to create them, it is more to keep these databases in sync.
3. Is the AFS communication between the servers and between client and
server encrypted?
4. Lets say A is the Client, B is a Database Server and C is a fileserver. A
wants from B a file being stored in C. How is the communication working?
Does C sends the file or volume or whatever direct to A or first to B which
sends it to C?
5. Is there any chance to distribute a printing service using AFS?

Thanks a lot for your answers,