[OpenAFS] client crashes my linux machine

david williams williams@cs.ucr.edu
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 11:41:53 -0700

I'm having trouble setting up my first afs machine.  I'm using a vanilla
mandrake 8.2 install with openafs 1.2.5.  I've got the server working (with
a windows client), but everytime I try to start afsd on the server it
crashes with no error messages. here's the output of afsd -verbose:

afsd: My home cell is 'cs.ucr.edu'
afsd: Creating '/usr/vice/etc/AFSLog'
CreateCacheFile: Creating cache file '/usr/vice/etc/AFSLog'
SScall(137, 28, 17)=0 afsd: Forking rx listener daemon.
afsd: Forking rx callback listener.
afsd: Forking rxevent daemon.

at this point the machine dies, no more console, no more ping, no more majic
sys req key. the /usr/vice/etc/AFSLog file isn't there when I reboot.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?