[OpenAFS] script

Michael Robokoff mrobo@ahpcrc.org
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 09:26:19 -0500

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I created a perl script that  I use to monitor disk space on all my afs 
I thought maybe there are others that could make use of it so I have 
it. Let me know if you think is was worth me submitting.

I call the script afsdf.


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#! /usr/bin/perl -w
# This is version 2 of afsdf. released December 3, 2001
# Written by Michael Robokoff
# Shell commands I will call.
use Shell qw(vos);
# Servers will contain a sorted list of all the afs servers
my @servers; 
# unordered_servers contains the unsorted list of servers
my @unordered_servers;
# $listpartitionsout will contain all of the output from the 
# list partitions command. Then just the partition names
# will be extracted and put into @partitions.
my $listpartitionsout;
# The list of partitions on a server will be extracted from
# the server itself and put into the @partitions hash.
my @partitions;
# $used_space will cantain the number of used bytes for a particular partition. 
my $used_space;
# @partinfo will contain the informaition returned by the "vos partinfo command.
my @partinfo;
# main program area
# First obtain a list of servers supporting AFS
print "\nGetting disk usage for the following servers....\n";
print "@servers\n\n";
foreach $server (@servers) {
# This is a temporary patch to keep from getting hung while
# waiting for a server to respond that does not exist.
	if ($server eq "yourserver.your.org" || $server eq "another.server.your.org") {
		print "\n--Skipping $server because it is not currently serving files.\n";
# End of patch.
	&getpartitions ($server);
	print "\n$server\n\n";
	printf("  %-9s  %-9s   %-9s  %-9s  %-10s\n\n", Used,Free,Total,'%Used',Partition);
	foreach $partition (@partitions) {
		open (IN, "vos partinfo $server $partition |");
		while (<IN>)
			@partinfo = split(/\s+/, $_);
			$used_space = (($partinfo[11]) - ($partinfo[5]));
			printf("%9d  %9d   %9d   %6d  %13s\n", $used_space,$partinfo[5],$partinfo[11],(($used_space/$partinfo[11])*100),$partinfo[4]);
print "\n\n";
# The &getservers sub routine is used to create a list of AFS servers
# that will be queried.
sub getservers {
	$listaddrsout=`vos listaddrs`;
	@servers=sort @unordered_servers;
# The &getpartitions sub routine is used to extract the list of
# partitions that the given server is supporting.
sub getpartitions {

	$listpartitionsout=`vos listpart $server`;
exit 0;