[OpenAFS] anon FTP upload directory ACL

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
01 Jun 2002 18:55:52 -0400

Actually, the owner of a volume is quite clear.  It's the owner of
the volume's root directory.  Generally you set this by setting the
owner of the "mountpoint", but it's really the volume root.

ISTR there were two ways of doing implicit-admin.  One was by
directory ownership, the other was volume ownership.  I thought in the
end it was by-volume, but perhaps that was just an MIT Security patch
that was never accepted back into the mainline (and yes, IMHO is it a
security bug that you mkdir foo and then control the acl on foo).


Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:

> I just tried it, and it sure looks like it works to me.  Try it yourself;
> unless this has changed very recently, it's the owner of any directory.
> I don't know what "owner of the volume" would even mean in AFS.
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