[OpenAFS] kaserver vs. Kerberos IV

Ian Delahorne ian@assv.net
27 Oct 2002 02:12:33 +0200

"Aaron J. Angel" <aangel@myrealbox.com> writes:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
> > please cc: openafs-info on your resonses...
> Didn't I?  Sorry, forgot the second time.
> > v4 and v5 are different protocols.  But you don't want to use v4.
> > What other v4 apps do you use?  If AFS is your only kerberized app,
> > then you are MUCH better off using v5 (which is 2002 technology)
> > than v4 (which in 1988 technology).
> Ah; I see.  Well, I haven't gotten any Kerberos software except that
> pam module...unfortunately, it has proven a bit difficult to find, let
> alone actually compile, *any* kerberized applications.  So I guess
> KRB5 would be the best way to go, if I can get any KRB5 applications
> working.  I'd like to get SSH and Telnet, at the very least, as well
> as OpenLDAP2.

Telnet is included in the release, at least in Heimdal. SSH can=B4t do
/Ian D
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