[OpenAFS] Serious problem upon rebuild

Madhusudan Singh chhabra@eecs.umich.edu
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 10:52:21 -0400

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	Thanks for your detailed response.

Derek Atkins wrote:
| Madhusudan Singh <chhabra@eecs.umich.edu> writes:
|>The first few libafs-2.4.18-3* are understandable (old versions) but
|>the newest one is puzzling.
| You cannot use the SPEC file to build against a non Red Hat kernel
| source tree.  If you compile your own kernel, you _MUST_ use the
| openafs-kernel-source module and build your module that way.  The
| problem here is that you have different modules that are built
| differently but look the same to the loader.  Bad Juju.

That brings up another question. In the /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 tree,
there were many rpms after the rebuild. One of them, interestingly
enough, was an openafs-1.2.6-kernel.src.rpm (not sure of the name beyond
the fact that it was a kernel src rpm). Would a simple rpm --rebuild
<that kernel src rpm> do the trick for me ?

|>Cache size (100000) should be less than 95 %(which is 96035) ... Lower
|>cache size
| How big is your /usr/vice/cache partition?

100 MB. Which was the original size of the filespace quota on AFS for me
. Now that quota is 200 MB. However, the old openafs (1.2.4) rpms worked
just fine even after the change. Would I be correct in assuming that the
size of the cache partition would ultimately affect only the speed of
the access, and not the possibility of operation per se ?

|>I am not entirely certain that I used to get "Lower cache size" type
|>messages during normal operation with the older rpm's.
|>Are the 1.2.6 rpm's for Redhat 7.3 for kernel 2.4.19 ? If so, would
|>the kernel $EXTRAVERSION string cause problems ?
| No.  Red Hat does not distribute a 2.4.19 kernel.  The 1.2.6 RPMS are
| only built for 2.4.18-3,4, and 5.  I expect the 1.2.7 RPM will also
| include 2.4.18-10.  As RH does not ship a 2.4.19 kernel, there is no
| RPM that is pre-built for 2.4.19.

I can understand that. So basically, the binary rpms, follow the
'updates' tree of RedHat.

| This means you compiled against a non-RH kernel source tree, which
| you cannot do.
| Might I suggest:
| 1) rpm -e All your openafs RPMs (remove everything)
| 2) rm -rf /usr/vice

The entire directory ?? Or just the modload tree ?

| 3) rpm -ivh openafs, openafs-client, openafs-kernel, openafs-kernel-source
|    (install the RPMS from openafs.org)
| 4) cd /usr/src/openafs-1.2.6
| 5) read the README and follow the instructions to build for your
2.4.19 kerne
| If that still fails, then it's possible that something was added to
| 2.4.19 that OpenAFS doesn't know about.  But we would need to get more
| of a crash dump (oops message) from your machine.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I am curious if a rebuild of the
openafs kernel src rpm generated after the rebuild of the openafs src
rpm would do the trick.

Thanks again.

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