[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Newbie Questions

Raymond support@bigriverinfotech.com
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 03:19:49 -0700

As a newbie to AFS, I am unclear on much of AFS

I have a RH73 server and wish to replace the /home directory and mount wi=
th an=20
AFS volume. Redhat will be reloaded soon with all partitions recreated an=
formated with ext3 or reiserfs. The primary use of this machine will be t=
share user data located on this machine. The /home partition is typically=
structured as /home/<org unit>/<user>/ with public, protected and private=
subdirectories. The clients are all Win2K machines spread across a contin=
via T1 and DS3 wan.

1) Is the vicex partition where all the user (/home) data is stored. If s=
can I  create a /vicea partition in lieu of the /home partition during RH=
installation? When creating a new user via console useradd or kde's kuser=
would the home directory be /vicea/usr/<org unit>/<user>/ or=20
/afs/<cell>/usr/<org unit>/<user>/  ?

2) After perusing the list archives, it appears only ext2 is guaranteed t=
work with the client cache. Therefore, is it advisable to create a 100+ m=
ext2 /usr/afs/cache  partition during RH73 installation?

3) I wish to replicate the /vicea partition to a geographically remote ma=
for fault-tolerance. Is this easily achievable?

4) Is the OpenAFS Windoz client similar to the Transarc client outlined i=
n the=20
Transarc documentation?

5) I currently utilize pam for all user application authentication to the=
system. Does the RH73 RPM version of OpenAFS support this? Is Kerberos=20
implicitly utilized to create an encryption *hash" or should I wrap OpenA=
file transfers with SSH2?

Thanks in advance.