[OpenAFS] trying to setup NT4.0 SP6 AFS database server

Musard, Kris Kris.Musard@spirentcom.com
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:57:52 -0400

I am trying to add a PC running NT 4.0 SP6 with OpenAFS 1.2.9a into my cell
as a database only server.  The 2 existing database/fileservers in my cell
are running IBM AFS 3.6 patch 6.  When I start the OpenAFS server
configuration wizard on the PC I get "Error - The log file could not be
opened."  A progress bar then comes up before another error is displayed
"Memory Manager - Invalid memory address was freed" I then fill in the next
of the wizard screens, saying no to fileserver and create root volumes and
yes to database and backup servers.  When the install gets to the "Configure
the system dialog" I get 7% complete before it hangs on "starting the
bosserver"  An error then comes back stating that "An error has occurred.
Error: Timed out waiting for the AFS bosserver control service to start or
stop (0x00004634)"  When I click OK it says 'A detailed log file,
afs_server_config_log.txt, has been created at the location
c:/progra~1/ibm/afs/Serverlogs"  When I look in explorer, neither this file
or the Serverlogs directory exists.  Has anyone seen this problem before?

Kris Musard