[OpenAFS] OpenAFS ptserver / ldap syncronization

Chris McClimans openafs-info@mcclimans.net
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 07:59:09 -0500

Has the following been addressed elsewhere, the following url was last 
updated Feb 2003.

 From http://www.arayan.com/da/yazi/OpenAFS_Kerberos_5.html:

Now Why Were We Doing This Stuff In The First Place?
  1. We now have a single password, which is kept in Kerberos. This is 
referenced by LDAP and by AFS.
  2. Creating a user is still a two pronged process: Users need to be 
created separately in LDAP and in AFS. Uid's and home directories have 
to be matched by hand. However I find this more manageable than having 
to manage multiple passwords AND accounts.

  Getting rid of the double user creation would be nice -- by either 
LDAP reading in the AFS pts information, or by AFS referencing LDAP.