[OpenAFS] Client looks for a machine-afs kerberos host key

Jerome Walter walter+openafs@efrei.fr
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 18:11:11 +0200


I just started again trying to get my afs clients to work under windows with a
MIT Kerberos KDC. 
This time, it is a few better, but nothing wonderful. First of all, i only get
access to my AFS files if i am not authenticated. When authenticating, i
manage to get the credentials with afscreds.exe. But when i get these
credentials, the share does not work anymore :
 - first i kepp the access to files in cache, but it breaks quickly.
 - when trying to get access to any file not in cache, i get an error telling
   that afs server does not respond or is in process of being started.

   Do you know from where can come this problem of credentials ?

The second point, and the one in the title concerns what i got with
When trying to get access to files after being authenticated, the client looks
for and host entry having the name dtc-afs, dtc being the name of the client
machine. Althought i created an host/dtc-afs@REALM i get an error saying the
principal is not known. Do i have to encode it witha  special salt ?


Jerome WAlter

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