[OpenAFS] Unable to Obtain Tokens

warlord@mit.edu warlord@mit.edu
Tue, 2 Dec 2003 22:29:24 -0500

Is the time (and timezone) set correctly and accurately on your client?  Is it
within 5 minutes of your KDC and AFS Server time?


Quoting "Jason C. Wells" <jcw@highperformance.net>:

> Today I can no longer get tokens.  I get the error:
> 	The AFS Client was unable to obtain tokens as jcw in cell
> 	stradamotorsports.com.
> 	Error: 11862791 (AFS service my not have started)
> I cannot get tokens using MIT aklog either.  I get the same error.  I
> cannot gain access to /afs via system:anyuser either, so there is more to
> it than just token issues.  A CIFS network server stub appears in
> network neighborhood as \\W13-FS\afs.
> If I purposefully enter an incorrect username, I get "Error 8: (user does
> not exist)" so it seems that afscreds.exe is talking to the kaserver.
> It appears that the AFS service is running, both from the task manager and
> from the AFS Client configuration dialog.
> Strangely, the 'afsd_service.exe' process appears in task manager as
> 'afsd_service.ex'.  Perhaps that is normal?
> The netbios name "W13-AFS" appears as expected in 'nbtstat -n'.
> From what I have observed, I guess that the windows cache manager is
> misbehaving.  I have no idea how to fix it.
> I can get tokens with aklog and klog under linux. I can access the AFS
> file space from linux.  I am pretty sure there isn't a server side issue.
> The only thing I googled up was a thread that addressed different older
> versions of OpenAFS showing flakiness.
> Everything is working, 'cept it ain't.  Any ideas?  Any troubleshooting
> techniques?
> Thanks,
> Jason C. Wells
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