[OpenAFS] Z:\ is not in the global hierarchy

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Fri, 05 Dec 2003 11:39:35 -0500

At 11:33 AM 12/5/2003, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >In short, it could be done, but don't in any way hold your breath on this
> >one.  Writing an IFS AFS client for Windows would be challenging, and
> >expensive.  I've looked at the IFS kit myself.  It costs around 900 bucks
> >just to get started, and I'm sure there are heavy licensing issues.
>I think you're missing at least one zero :-/

Oh yea, well sure, but I meant "bucks" as in "Deer bucks"...they don't come 
cheap ya' know!  ;)