[OpenAFS] timeout problems with ssh, pam_krb5 and afs?

Andrew Leahy aleahy@knox.edu
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:35:50 -0600

Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:

> The "Name not unique on network" message is what goes with ENOTUNIQ, 
> which on Linux is errno 76.  However, in this case the value being 
> returned by krb_afslog is neither an errno value nor a com_err error 
> code, and so error_message is not doing anything useful to it.
> In this context, error 76 is actually the Kerberos 4 error NO_TKT_FIL 
> (No ticket file found).  What I suspect is happening here is that your 
> pam_krb5 is linked against a krb4 version of the kafs library, so you're 
> trying to get AFS tokens using a nonexistent krb4 ticket file.

For those who may be interested, I found an interesting resolution to 
this based on your comments. During the kickstart installation, 
authconfig had set up /etc/krb.conf with the following lines based on 
the values I gave it:

KNOX.EDU      pugsly.knox.edu:88
KNOX.EDU      leibniz.lab.knet.edu
KNOX.EDU      pugsly.knox.edu:749 admin server

When I deleted these lines, things seemed to work fine.  I'm not sure 
why this is the case, but at least it's fixed.

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Leahy

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