[OpenAFS] Windows cache rehashed...

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:16:50 -0500

(Mitch)  I didn't miss the "verbiage", I just didn't originally consider an 
"enhancement" as being a change in location and naming characteristics.

(Derrick) The "hint" I'd like to see is, for example..."Beginning with the 
1.3.x series, the OpenAFS group has made changes to the client to remove 
some of the ties that bound it to the IBM/Transarc AFS lineage.  These 
changes include default software location, and service name, as well as 
further enhancments to increase security and root cell 
dependencies.  Please be aware, these changes may or may not impact your 
site depending on the level of integration you have with the 
client.  OpenAFS 1.3.51 represents the current state of development 
efforts, and is not a production-quality release. 1.2.10 is still the 
current stable OpenAFS release." ...yata, yata, yata.

At 12:40 PM 12/22/2003, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

>I am sorry you are so easily shaken.

Hey, my life is hard enough as a Windows system programmer as it is.  Oh 
well, I suppose it helps with job security.  :)

>    Unfortunately, there is no
>updated documentation at this time.  Its not that it is not a desired
>item but if you look at the list of items to take care of in the Request
>Tracker, its a bit much for the small number of people working on the
>Windows build to take care of in our spare time.

So just curious, who makes the final decisions about what features are 
proper to end up in the OpenAFS client?  What kind of code gets rejected?