[OpenAFS] UserAuthenticate: ptserver: user or group desnt exist

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
02 Jan 2003 22:04:57 -0500

What do you get from:
        pts examine user1

It sounds like you're not in the PTServer database.


"Rogelio Bazan Reyes" <rogbazan@hotmail.com> writes:

> Hi, i have the next problem with a user account:
> when i try to get tokens for that user, i get the next error:
> $ klog user1
> Password:
> UserAuthenticate: ptserver: User or group desnt exist translating
> user1 to id
> If i try to display any info about the user account the error messages
> are the same:
> $ pts listowned user1
> pts: User or group doesnt exist so couldnt look up id for user1
> $pts examine user1
> pts: User or group doesnt exist so couldnt look up id for user1
> $pts rename user1 user1
> pts: User or group doesnt exist; unable to change  name of user1 to user1
> However, if i seek the user account into newacct file i can see it:
> $grep user1 /afs/.mycell/common/uss/newacct
> user1:X:9503:100:John
> Smith:/afs/mycell/usr19/user1:/afs/mycell/sys/usr/gnu/bash
> Could you help me with this problem?
> thanx a lot.
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