[OpenAFS] BOOT AFS kernel module in openafs-kernel RPM

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
03 Jan 2003 10:08:53 -0500

Sure, I can try to add a flag like that.


Marc Schmitt <schmitt@inf.ethz.ch> writes:

> Dear Derek,
> First, I'd like to thank you for maintaining the OpenAFS RPMs, it
> makes it a breeze to keep the machines up to date.
> Second, my question is about something that is probably already there
> and I just didn't figure it out and basicly *nice to have* as an easy
> workaround exists.
>  From time to time, I rebuild the RedHat installer CDs with the latest
> errata RPMs, including OpenAFS. We're using those updated installer
> images for kickstart installations where AFS gets started in the
> postinstall section for various tasks (update RPMs, autoconfig, mirror
> software etc.). Currently,  the errata kernel is newer than the
> modules provided in the openafs-kernel-1.2.8-rh7.3.1.i386.rpm. After
> rebuilding the source RPM inside an updated installation, the
> openafs-kernel RPM contains:
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/SymTable
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-athlon.mp.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-athlon.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i386.mp.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i386.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i586.mp.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i586.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i686.bm.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i686.ep.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i686.mp.o
> /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.x-i686.o
> Starting AFS during postinstall fails of course with:
> Hmm...  I can't seem to find an AFS kernel module suitable for your
> Linux kernel.  That means you will need to build or obtain a suitable
> module.
> The following information may be of some use in obtaining assistance:
> CPU Type:       686.amd.4
> Linux version:  2.4.18-19.7.xBOOT #1 Thu Dec 12 07:31:08 EST 2002
> RedHat release: Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
> Symbol versions:
>   iget4      7ddb8789
>   iget4      7ddb8789
>   sock_create 85fd4c4a
> Did not find matching module in SymTable
> AFS module /usr/vice/etc/modload/libafs-2.4.18-19.7.xBOOT.o does not
> exist. Not starting AFS.
> While it is easy to *feed* this module manually in the postinstall
> section, I wonder if there is an *easy* way to include it in the
> openafs-kernel RPM? When I look at the spec file, I see support for
> the BOOT kernel, but there is no flag like "enterprisekernelsupport"
> to enable the build of a corresponding module. Would you consider
> adding a flag like "bootkernelsupport" that defaults to 0?
> Regards,
>     Marc
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