[OpenAFS] Mac OS X client cache at startup

David Botsch dwb7@ccmr.cornell.edu
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 12:04:18 -0500

I've seen a slightly different but perhaps related problem.

Using 10.2.3 and the 1.2.8 client, if no network is available, users cannot log
in properly. Their desktop startup gets hung (dock is there, some icons on the
desktop may be there, but the application menu bar at the top only partially
appears and there is a spinning lollipop cursor). 

This problem will also occur if I move to a different network location and hve
not selected the new location yet.

At the moment, I have to drop to console, stop afs, log in, select the new
network location, and then restart afs.

This was not a problem with 1.2.7 and 10.2.2.

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 02:40:49PM +0100, Rickard Lind wrote:
> Hi,
> On power-on, the OpenAFS 1.2.6 Mac OS X client used to wait until the
> cache was "ready" and the cell available. With 1.2.7 it does not and
> users get an error that their home directory is unavailable if they login
> immediately when the loginwindow appears.
> Is this the new default behaviour or have I done something wrong?
> (I haven't tried 1.2.8 yet)
> -- 
> /Rickard Lind
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